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Connect Just Works

It's not a simple matter to build a CMMS straight forward to use, built with advanced ioT capabilies and handles complex work processes with ease.  We learned a long time ago, not every company uses a CMMS in the same way.  Connect is designed with this in mind



Built from the ground up for IoT and mobile.  Connects to sensors, meters, PLC's, SCADA, ERP, MES; virtually all corporate systems /solutions.


From implementation to our user interface.  Connect is easily the fastest to implement and use.  We've made every effort to provide all the necessary tools to implement in days and not weeks.  Write your first work order in hours.  Create work orders in seconds  

CMMS Image
CMMS Analytics Dashboard


Our Dashboards and Analytics are second to none.   Standard dashboards can be used for companies requiring basic charts and reports.  However, for those companies with special or complex needs our Custom Analytics provides unlimited opportunities. 


Our mobile app for (iOS) allows field technicians to easily create work requests, complete work orders, capture equipment failures as well as record parts and labor consumed on the job.

We've kept it simple and easy to use so that even those with little to no experience using a CMMS can pick up the app and use it.

CMMS Mobile
How it works


Using Connects IoT bolt on solution.  Bring in data real time and capture historical data to drive predictive maintenance through advanced trending analysis; vibration analysis, oil analysis and non-destructive testing to name a few opportunites.

Major Fracking Company

"ioX-CMMS is a game-changer in the maintenance management industry. It has helped us reduce equipment downtime and optimize our manpower. Highly recommended!"

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