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Professional Services

One of the best ways to ensure that your maintenance system aligns to your business and maintenance objectives is to get help. Leverage our years of implementation and training experience across various industry sectors to assist and guide you on your journey to excellence.

Our implementation teams and consultants have spent years refining and optimizing our implementation processes and procedures across various industries around the world.

We understand that each organization has it's own specific needs and requirements and that what works for one customer, might not work for the other. For this reason we offer multiple and robust CMMS implementation solutions ranging from remote support to custom on-site hands-on implementations.

Connect CMMS screenshot

Adopting a CMMS is about more than just learning new software. For a lot of organizations, it represents a full culture shift from a paper based to digital environment.


This shift, coupled with the challenges of adopting any new software mean that a lot of CMMS implementations fail—industry standard failure rates range between 60% and 80%.

Reasons why implementations FAIL
  • Cost & Time Overruns

  • Poor end-user adoption

  • Lack of management support

  • Insufficient training

  • Failure to make the system a day-to-day tool

Don’t become part of that 60-80% that invests in a system and ends up regretting it... Let EAMS help you, contact us today!

Implementation Planning

Whether you do it yourselves, we act as a coach or we provide a more turnkey solution; certain steps should be considered.  Not all or even most steps are required for small implementations; however, larger more complex implementations require a more thoughtful and robust approach.

ioX-Connect Implementation Flowchart

CMMS Training Options

EAMS offers a variety of CMMS training solutions for our cloud-based maintenance solution CMMS.  Online training programs are typically split up into several sessions to ensure end users are not overloaded with information in a single session.

We fit into your schedule!


Total 16 Hours

Eight Sessions

$ 3840


Total 24 Hours

Twelve Sessions

$ 5400


Lets discuss a custom implementation plan just for you



Systems training is one of those things that can take all forms and shapes. Depending on your team's size, dynamics and operational readiness or maturity, on-site or on-the-job training works the best. In other cases a number of remote training sessions has delivered great results.


Which ever approach you prefer, we've got you covered with on-site as well as remote training packages and solutions to get you and your team going.​

Get in contact with us today, to discuss your options and the approach that will best suite your current requirements

Want to do-it-yourself?

"There is nothing wrong with trying to implement your maintenance system in-house as long as you have clearly defined your objectives and requirements and especially if you have a great team behind you."

Remember we are here to help you if you need any guidance...

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