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Gain deep Actionable Insights into your data like never before with Connect custom analytics

Discover hidden insights into your machine, maintenance and production data like never before by blending operational and maintenance data from diverse data sources into a SINGLE powerful reporting dashboard and data query platform.

Open Work Order Dashboard

$20/mth per dashboard with 10 widgets/charts

Live Dashboards

Analytics Energy Monitoring Dashboard
Analytics Map Dashboard
Analytics Sensor Dashboard
Analytics Predictive Maintenance Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard

Data Blending

Connect and blend data from anywhere.


The ioX-Connect Analytics portal allows you to blend data from external systems or devices with data generated within the ioX-Connect platform to create powerful cross-functional reports and dashboards.

Upload data from spreadsheets & flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files and more. Feed data from online storage services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive. Pull data from Web URL feeds or make use of our data email services that allows you to email data templates to a dedicated email that will import your data into the platform automatically.

Completely Customizable

Customized according to your requirements.


ioX-Connect can instantly kick start your analytics journey with hundreds of valuable pre-built visualizations that provide a bird's eye view of your operations and equipment health. With 500+ visualizations and reports we make use of a variety of charts, widgets, pivot, summary and tabular views to create insightful reports and dashboards according to your specifications.

Use a range of interactive options like drill downs, contextual filters, and many more, to perform ad-hoc exploratory analysis of you data.

Analytics Dashboard
Analytics Asset Locations Map

GEO Visualization

Built-in GEO charts to help you quickly identify trends or issues across multiple GEO locations.


Analyze your geographical data with interactive map charts. Compare and measure key metrics across countries, regions, states, counties, postal codes and even with latitudes and longitudes.

Analytics Dashboard
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